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Understanding that HUMAN BEINGS ARE NARRATIVE ANIMALS will help you transform your strategic messages into tangible content

We offer a wide range of services of visual communications & storytelling

Visual Storytelling

We can help you transform your key information into visually enhanced story telling that makes it more tangible and memorable.

We offer design and execution of animations, video design and execution, design and execution of graphic novels and creative storytelling.

Concept Design

For larger campaigns or service concepts we offer strategic planning accompanied by state of the art graphic executions and/or guidelines.

Tell us your challenge and goals, and we will find means to do it (and if it’s not our cup of tea, we’ll recommend you an agency whose services are better aligned with your needs).

Digital Design

We offer website user interface design, structural design, advising and supervision of the technical execution.

Our down to earth approach is valued by our customers. Most of our work is digital or is created to be used in digital mediums.


Presentation concepts, storytelling in presentations, design and layout of presentations; PowerPoint, GoogleSlides, KeyNote, Prezi.

& Photography

Illustrations, infographics, icon design, illustration libraries, strategy images, drawings, photography, art direction of photography.


Design for various publications; magazine design, design of online magazines, stakeholder magazine design, personnel magazine design, brochure design and layout. Did we mention Magazine design?


A variety of communications and marketing related applications: brochures, advertisements, invitations, cards, campaign products, stationary, roll-up’s, digital screen content, flyers, promotional releases, background images, social media images, banderols, graphic elements, shapes and patterns, icons etc.

The list is long and even if the internet is endless, we trust that you got the picture. Ask for more information if what you need is not found from this page.

Corporate Responsibility Reports

We understand that for companies responsibility reports are a tiny tip of the iceberg in improving responsible business, growth and processes.

To be transparent and credible the efforts and improvements should be communicated openly. As you plan the implementation of your chosen initiatives and their follow through, annual reporting gives you an opportunity to look back and see what you have done in the past and what you are about to do in the future.

We also understand the importance of designing tools for reporting that also benefit the various means of communication.

& Manuals

Guidelines are rarely page turners. However a well crafted manual is a treat to use.
Sufficient documentation is key in making sure nothing gets lost in translation, and that things that are designed to stay the same, really do stay the same.

We have done our fair share of guidelines, including:
Brand strategy manuals, graphic guidelines, social media guidelines, video production guidelines, guidelines fo photography, illustration guidelines, communications concept guidelines and various sorts of instructional videos.


Most of the work we do is visual – here are the latest ones: