SParks of sparksof

Glad to meet you – here to greet you!


Whoff wof woooofff!!!

Just kidding, I dont bark. But I have a reputation of being the fastest kisser in the northern hemisphere.


+358 cucculuuruu



Riikka Kontio

I work as a graphic and motion designer. That means I can make my designs stay still or come alive through motion. Visual storytelling is something I love about my work. It’s also a big part of my life outside of work since I read and draw comics in my free time. I think it’s fantastic how abstract concepts, like stories and thoughts, can become reality through design. And of course adding movement to the design gives so much more tools to work with.

I get inspired by arts and culture, street fashion and all sorts of media content from movies to social media campaigns and from music videos to memes. Especially when there’s a quirky twist. I enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes and I would love to do more camping and trekking. I’m a master of Alias the word explanation game.


+358 44 513 1095



Mia Ollikainen

I believe that it pays to be unique and recognisable in business. Smart companies acknowledge that strong brand identity and culture grows from within, and when that self awareness is companied with great understanding and empathy towards the clients, fantastic things can occur. And that is what we practice here at Sparksof too. As a designer and entrepreneur I strongly courage our clients to boldly be what they genuinely are.

Still learning how to pass as a... human being. When I grow up, I’ll start a band. Always wanted to be a drummer. p.s. I’m grateful to share my working life with these fantastic people. Try working with them, you’ll see what I mean!


+358 40 584 6691



Patricia Eskelinen

I am an open minded graphic and motion designer who believes that with creativity, any project can be made to be beautiful, engaging and fun. My goal is to fill the world with my creations, and make people happy in the process. I want to create and try new things everyday. My passion for animation began once putting my ideas on ”paper” wasn’t enough and I wanted to take a step further to bring my vision to life. I am drawn to color and the beauty around me, and I love how design allows me to turn mundane everyday problems into interesting and colourful solutions.

When I am not working on my latest graphic design project, I might be roller-skating, playing video games, watching true-crime documentaries or cuddling with my bunnies.


+358 400276004



Emma Kemppainen

To me, the path to successful ideas and designs goes through understanding and interpreting ongoing societal trends. That’s why I think it’s important to be trend-sensitive, read the zeitgeist and be ready to act at the right moment! With a degree from Aalto University and more than 10 years’ experience of artistry, project management and art direction, I hope to serve our customers with visual and conceptual problem solving, and to implement our customers wishes, while still bringing some fresh ideas to the table. I get my designer kicks when, in consultation with the customer, we come to a realization together.

I wish to leave the world a prettier, more functional and organized place. This, in my case is done in a bold, colorful and celebratory manner. Small things in everyday life can be considered a party. In my free time I walk, binge on podcasts and plot my survival strategy for the zombie apocalypse.


+358 50 552 4434



Anna Tuomela

I am a cheerful, Helsinki based graphic designer prone to laughter. I like working with others because I believe that the best ideas are created together. The diversity of projects, new people and changing topics keep the work interesting and the mind sharp. I am interested in the long-term development and renewals of brand identities because every brand has their own assets that can be further developed and honed.

I curate the Friday Shitlist at the office while Radio Helsinki’s equivalent is on a break. My free time activities include modern dance and consuming all kinds of culture and food (currently I am on the look-out for the best pizza in Helsinki).


+358 44 070 6933



Basit Soomro

I am a multidisciplinary creative with motion design at the heart of my skillset. I started my creative journey with videography which is why moving images have always held a central role. My favourite projects are those where I get the opportunity to learn something new and find new solutions to solve existing problems. On a personal level I am very easy going and definitely enjoy a good laugh.

In addition to my work life, I have other passions in art, music and culture. I collect records and occasionally can be seen performing as a DJ at local venues around town. I have also co-founded a non-profit association based on promoting local artists and musicians. And I regularly produce events with my team. Lastly, I am always interested in new creative journeys and I am currently pursuing projects with different film formats including super 8 film and 35mm stills.


+358 46 939 5149



Liisa Ketola

In the field of visual communications, I consider myself to be quite the generalist – I’m equally interested in the design, communications and business elements of it all. Luckily, here at Sparksof I have the opportunity to dive into all of those areas, as here my role includes design, customer relations as well as customer acquisition.

It’s my goal to identify our client’s needs and meet them with innovative new solutions. By doing so, I also continuously bring these solutions into our work at Sparksof. I spend most of my free time, which at the moment is limited, by reading and running. I am also the guardian of our office dog Papu.


+358 50 575 7246



Ria Sirén

I’m a cozy morning person who likes to keep things simple: I cook to relax and enjoy long breakfasts.

My core competence is to connect people, which is my job here at Sparksof and what New Business is all about, I guess! I also do Project Management – consider it done could be one of my signatures.


050 477 9118



Minna Tikka

With years of training in combat sports, I now mostly combat competing deadlines and spellling errors. At Sparksof, I create engaging content for all sorts of purposes and keep projects under control as a project manager.

I am a bit of a Jill of all trades and a master of two: Speech Communications and International Conflict Analysis. I have endless curiosity to learn from the assignments I work with, which has led me to gain some general understanding in topics ranging from AI to criminal policy. I truly believe that us humans are narrative animals and find my motivation in helping clients tell their story to the outside world.


+358 40 701 9682